2 years

Two years ago on this date, I thought that the worst thing to happen in my life, happened. Two years later, I realize that that wasn’t the worst thing that I would endure. Hearing the words from a doctor: “your dad has stage 4 lung cancer” topped my own personal and devastation. That’s the kind […]

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Perfect In Weakness

I turned into a “painter” when I had nothing else to turn to. It was a last resort to salvage my sanity. Recently, I’ve not been able to touch paint or even think of making since learning of my dad’s struggle with his health. My friends and family have lovingly encouraged me to find solace […]

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‘Haunted’ was the first of my new online art bid experience! This piece was painted so early in my art journey…back when shades of green were not a color I was comfortable with. Now, I find myself being surprised by its contribution to so many of my pieces. When I first showed this piece in […]

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‘UNSTOPPABLE’  Alcohol Ink on Black PlexiGlass  12″ x 12″ each (x4)  Available at $1,200.00  In all honesty, so much craziness was happening recently which left me feeling defeated. But as soon as I sat down to create this, it was like God said “You’re unstoppable and we’ll get through this together” and in that moment […]


Me, Myself, & Canvas

This may prove that I’m a complete weirdo but I want to share with you this conversation that I had with a close friend. She asked me what painting feels like when I paint for myself. I told her about the relationship I have with each canvas. From the moment that I pick it up, […]

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Holiday Heartache

There is something about the holidays that makes heartbreak so much harder to handle. Maybe it’s because of the memories you made the year before. Maybe it’s seeing your relatives with their significant other. Maybe it’s even just that moment of saying “happy blah blah blah” to him/her. In this case, Happy 4th of July. […]

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‘Crushed Hearts’

This piece started out as solid black foam board. Black is beautiful all on its own.  It’s strong and bold. It seemed too perfect for reality.  I began to add spackling to give it some texture, some rough edges, but also to bring in more depth and density.  After the spackle dried, I painted a […]

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‘The LoveSick Collection’

This is the first of ‘The LoveSick Collection’. The last that I started to paint, the one that got me through it enough so that I am able to even write this post.  This one is… ‘For the Sake of Healing’ The Making of ‘For the Sake of Healing’ Two more follow… ‘Crushed Hearts’ The first […]

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‘For the Sake of Healing’

Acrylic on Canvas  – 30″ x 40″ – Available for $850 – This piece is him.  Every part of him.  The parts I thought would annoy me for the rest of my life.  And the parts I really believed I would love for the rest of my life. Life had other plans. God’s plan (grr […]

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The only comfort in heartache is the confidence in knowing that God’s hand is in it. He allowed your heart to break. He willed your dreams to be crushed. He took away all the things you loved and sometimes even the people you love. There is comfort in that because He allowed this to happen. […]

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Watercolor on Bristol – 11″ x 14″ – Spoken For – This one here is the epitome of the mantra ‘Find What Feels Good’ made aware to me by Adriene Louise (amazing yoga teacher on YouTube). Today I said NO to something important. A critical part of my continued education; something I’ve wanted to work […]

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‘Pace’ Today is National Fibromyalgia Day. I won’t say ‘happy fibromyalgia day!’ for obvious reasons but I will acknowledge it and I will learn to embrace it. This painting is my purple contribution. It was painted at a time before I ever knew what fibromyalgia was. A time before I could even fathom such destruction […]

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Hello TheraPatron, I’m going to be even more honest in this blog post than usual (yes, it’s possible lol).  I’m letting you know now so that you can scroll on with fair warning. Here goes… If you’ve been following, you may have a glimpse into what my life looks like.  You might see some of […]

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Not Crazy

My fellow Lunatic, here’s a little message to you… When you feel like you’re losing it; your mind, your skill, your goals, your any and everything you thought you had… You’re not crazy.  You’re just missing that part of you. ♦    When you wake up in a panic for what seems like no reason […]

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Watercolor and Ink on Canvas – 12″ x 16″ – Available at $65.00 “I’m nothing but a low life. Thinking about my own life. I can’t help myself from falling. Can’t help myself from falling” -X Ambassadors

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Small ones for the rough ones

Feeling like this is a flare up I won’t see an end to. After doing everything I can to pause the pain, it is still winning. Beginning to forget the feeling of feeling good. Beginning to feel like nothing but sleeping my days away will get me out of this. Like one day I might […]

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The Cosmic Collection

Hello Fellow Planeteers, I have been inspired to create a cosmic series of paintings.  One painting that I feel expresses an “out of this world experience” is that of ‘Heaven Has Answers’.  This is one of my favorite pieces as it does not just take me to a happy place, but reminds me that even though […]

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Acrylic on Deep Edge Canvas – 30″ x 40″ – Available at $1,200.00 – This, right here, is my passion splashed around a canvas.  My blood, sweat, and tears.  It’s my hopes, my devastation, my highs and lows all in one place.  Every intense feeling, my happy and my sorrow – passion at its darkest and […]

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Feeling the loss

Feeling the loss of hope today. I don’t want to hear that I should be grateful to be alive. There’s a difference between being alive and feeling alive. And I’m feeling the loss. Feeling the loss of myself. Feeling my sense of control over my body replaced by my body itself. My spine decides when […]

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Zen. Live. Create.

So this is how our collabo began. Kate and I met years ago working at an early learning center. Reconnected recently. She quickly became my biggest TheraPatron 🖤. She included ‘Journey’ in one of her purchases. Aside from that, we began to encourage and support one another on our personal endeavors. Kate recently began a […]

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Paint it black

Scarred  Acrylic, Dirt, Rock on Canvas  16″ x 20″  Available for $185.00 This was the first fluid painting that I had made. Clearly, did not turn out the way I had planned (you’ll see the intentional yet ruined piece below). I spent so much time researching ingredients and finding different recipes and techniques to create […]

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To share or not to share

I go back-and-forth between feeling brave and feeling embarrassed by exposing myself. Sometimes I feel like I should take down my blog and hideaway.  Sometimes I compare myself to other people who have it much worse than I do and I feel embarrassed for being weak and impatient. Sometimes I think you’re tired of seeing […]

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I am not what I have

Since finally understanding what part of my diagnosis is, I feel like I can get a better grip on things. Now that I know what’s going on, I can learn to manage a new lifestyle. The night before the doctor told me, I had a feeling that that’s what it was and I finally said […]

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Major Mini

Acrylic on 4″ x 4″ Canvas – Sloppy City – Available at $15 – Happy limitations result!! Today has been rough. This week has been ROUGH. In order to function for the Chicago show, I haven’t painted in almost one month. Painting keeps me sane. Painting keeps me happy. Painting keeps me from pain and […]

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Watercolor on Glossy Paper – 8.5″ x 11″ – Spoken For – This one represents the timeline I’ve created for myself many years ago. It was supposed to be a clear cut path through beauty school, architecture school, marriage, children, blah, blah, blah. However, this past year has proven that no matter how straight laced […]

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Peace and Calming

Alcohol ink on Yupo – 5″ x 7″ With Frame – Spoken For – This alcohol ink painting inspires tranquility and relaxation. It’s flow is organic and soft. I love what this piece represents: Peace and Calming.

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Major Minis

Major Minis – Acrylic/glitter on 4″ x 4″ canvas – Available at $15 each – I absolutely loved making these! My boyfriend bought me a set of heavy body acrylic paints for Christmas and these babies were the first to get a taste of them. With each one, I was able to try a different […]

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Beauty in Weakness

Yesterday Morning at around 6 a.m. I was woken up by excruciating pain down my right leg.  It was the type of pain that I knew would stick around for at least 24 hours.  As the day went on, the flare-up became worse and took over the entire right side of my body.  I felt too […]

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Happy(ier) February

The painting shown is how I sum up last year’s February.  It had been weeks after I was hit and I soon became exposed to a wide range of medical personnel.  Up until recently, each visit with doctors and therapists caused great anxiety in the days approaching each appointment.  I would have to constantly repeat myself […]

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It Didn’t All Suck

It Didn’t All Suck. If you’ve been following this blog, you might have learned how/why it came about (if not, go to –> menu –> TheraPaint Is… to find out).  You might have picked up on some of the events that have taken place throughout 2017. My psychotherapist has been helping me to remember that […]

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I’ve been told over and over again by doctors and therapists and family and friends and basically everyone I know that I need to be gentler on my body and to take more time to rest and relax it. I’ve always struggled with being able to relax. Even in the design world; professors tell me […]

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Show Me Your Garbage

So here it is, the long awaited (mostly or only by me) first painting of 2018. I call it garbage – because, let’s be honest, it kind of is. It’s a bunch of different parts mixed in together that just did not blend or layer the way I had expected. The more I tried to […]

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NYE – For The Rest of Us

Last year I was at my cousin’s house in Goodrich celebrating New Year’s Eve.  I remember having a great time surrounded by people I love and looking forward to a newer, better year.  I was so optimistic about what 2017 would bring.  I was excited about beginning grad school and working towards architecture licensure.  I […]

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Holiday Gala – Update

What a night! I am so grateful for all of those who came out to celebrate my first solo exhibition! I could not believe the quality turn out we received.  There were so many laughs, good (Mateo and Ana) and bad (mostly me) karaoke singing, honest conversations, and pure love and support throughout the entire […]

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The Chair

I cannot express enough how unsettling this photo is. My friends felt it is a powerful expression of what brought life to TheraPaint. I feel it is an expression of the worst parts of my life. I still despise this chair – even though it has and still does help me enjoy what I can. […]

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Thanks for the LOVE

My Dear TheraPatrons, You guys are incredible.  Your support is unbelievable.  Your patience is unforgotten. I’ve been reaching a point in which I feel stuck more than ever.  I’m not as scared because honestly, the worst part has already happened, right?  But also because I know God has a path for me – whether I […]

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Tiles/Coasters are 4″ x 4″ – cork backing – Multiple coats of varnish, triple thick glaze, and topped with a resin finish – Available at $40 as a set of 4 – Select few unspoken for

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‘Heaven Has Answers’

Acrylic on Canvas  36″ x 36″  Available at $1,200.00  This painting is a place to escape to when feeling lost or confused.  ‘Heaven Has Answers’ creates a moment where you can look up, tune into the depth and beauty of light shining through the dark in the same way that the stars shine brightly in […]

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About the Art

Just some info about each piece. TheraPaint isn’t about quantity. I could widen my audience and financial needs by creating prints and duplicates but that is not what matters to me – it works wonderfully for other artists and that is excellent. However, TheraPaint is about how each painting connects with myself and someone else. […]

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‘The Middle’

A friend told me to hold on to the middle. The beginnings and ends of things are the easiest. The beginning is hopeful and the stage of naivety. The end is the time to reflect and come out stronger. The middle is the hardest. She said to cling to God during the hardest parts. I […]

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Acrylic and Paint Pen on Canvas  24″ x 36″  Available at $650  ‘Rehab’ represents the contrast from living in pain, darkness, and suffering in comparison to a life of hope, light, and energy.  The start of the painting shows a sense of purpose peaking through the haziness of despair.  As time goes by, positivity grows […]

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Acrylic on Canvas – 6″ x 6″ – Available at $45 – Some of you have been inquiring about pricing. TheraPaint is not a business for profit. It is a means of getting through rehabilitation while the rest of my goals are put on hold. Obviously, I do need to sell some so that I […]

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